5 Methods to Increase Your Employees’ Productivity in Your Retail Store

May 15, 2024

Employee Productivity

Increasing employee productivity at the workplace is always one of the biggest challenges faced by retail owners. While retail owners aim to attract as many people as possible to their physical locations, increase their sales and reduce their costs, they should also care about the satisfaction of their employees. This is such an important issue that it determines the happiness of the employees, a major element that affects the profitability of a business like customer satisfaction. Optimizations to increase customer satisfaction in a retail business where there are unhappy employees will not be effective enough. Therefore, employee satisfaction is as important as customer satisfaction.

In the following sections of this blog post, we will delve deeper into how you can elevate your employees’ efficiency and, in turn, ensure their satisfaction. We will provide insightful strategies and practical tips that you can implement to foster a more productive and satisfying work environment for your team.

Set the Right Goals for Your Employees

Employee Motivation

Establishing the appropriate goals for your employees is a critical task that goes beyond merely increasing their motivation. It is an instrumental process that enables them to visualize their future direction and growth within the organization with greater clarity. A common mistake in goal-setting is defining goals that are excessively ambitious or applying a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to diverse individuals.

This can inadvertently create a significant source of stress for your employees, as they may feel overwhelmed by the enormity of the tasks or demotivated if the goals do not align with their personal strengths and aspirations. Therefore, it is of paramount importance to thoroughly evaluate each employee’s skills, capabilities, and interests separately. This individual assessment will allow you to set achievable, yet challenging goals for each employee, fostering an environment of personal growth and job satisfaction.

Consider the Well-being of Your Employees

Employee Productivity

It’s an undisputed fact that employees who work in a calm, happy, and serene environment tend to be more successful than those who are subjected to toxic and difficult working conditions. This is a sentiment that’s supported by a wealth of research; for instance, a study conducted by Benefitspro revealed that employees who are content at work are 12% more productive than those who aren’t.

This is especially pertinent in challenging working environments such as retail, where employees often have to endure long hours of standing without a break and deal with dissatisfied customers. Placing employees in an unhealthy environment under these circumstances can significantly hamper their performance and dampen their motivation. However, implementing measures to improve the work environment can help rectify this situation.

One such measure could be to organize activities that foster friendship and team spirit among employees. Another could be to adjust their breaks in accordance with the working conditions.

A great example of how technology can aid in this process is through the use of V-Count’s newest people counting sensor, Nano. With this people counting sensor, you can determine the peak and off-peak hours of your store. This invaluable data can then be used to optimize your employees’ shifts and breaks. By allocating more staff during busy periods, you ensure high levels of customer satisfaction and prevent any potential loss in sales. Conversely, by reducing staff during quieter periods, you can make significant savings and prevent employees from burning out due to unnecessary overworking.

This strategy is likely to have a positive impact on your business. Not only will it boost the motivation levels of your employees, but it’s also likely to lead to an overall increase in productivity.

Determine Incentives to Increase Motivation for Your Employees

Employee Motivation

Another way to increase employee motivation and productivity is the fringe benefits you offer to your employees. Receiving a regular salary is of course the most important issue for many people. But this may not be enough for employees, especially after spending a certain period of time in one place. Therefore, providing extra incentives to employees or expanding and positively arranging their existing fringe benefits will always increase the employee’s motivation. And it should not be forgotten that employees with high motivation have always been more productive.

The fringe benefits or incentives here are of course related to the economic power of your retail, but it should not be forgotten that even the smallest positive improvement will make the employees happy. Employees want to see that they are appreciated and receive something in return for their work at their workplace. Therefore, for example, small bonuses or gift vouchers as incentives for employees who meet their targets, however small they may seem, will have a very large impact.

Give Training to Your Employees

Employee training to get them more productive

Continuous development of your employees will be quite beneficial for both your business and the employee’s own career. An employee who remains stagnant will lose his productivity after a while and possibly start to add no extra value by turning his job into a monotonous structure. Therefore, providing training related to their own work areas or other subjects they wish, and encouraging them to take new trainings will help you deal with this problem.

In addition to being useful in your business, these trainings are also very important for the employee’s own career. Thanks to the competencies they will acquire through these trainings, the employees will want to take strides for their careers by expanding their horizons and will aim to constantly improve themselves. Most business owners think that providing training and raising equipped employees will be harmful for them. Because ultimately this employee will quit the job and all efforts will be wasted.

However, this is a very wrong thinking when looked at in the big picture. It should not be forgotten that employees will eventually -except for exceptions- leave their jobs and move on to new jobs. The aim here is to delay this process as much as possible by providing a comfortable and good working environment and trying to get as much efficiency as possible from the employee during this process. Will a stagnant employee who does not improve himself and has low productivity working somewhere for 20 years grow your business, or will an equipped individual you have raised work for three years?

Regularly Get Feedback from Your Employees and Do Performance Reviews

As an employer, business owners often overlook relatively small but impactful problems and issues that occur in their retail stores. To prevent this and to ensure that these problems are addressed by the employees without escalating, it is necessary to continually receive feedback from employees. This feedback covers problems related to their jobs as well as issues concerning general living standards. Employees who see that their presented problems are being solved, or at least efforts are being made to solve them, will also see an increase in their motivation and productivity at the same level.

Parallel to this, monthly and quarterly performance reviews conducted for employees are also of great importance. But there is a very delicate detail here. Employees should know that this performance review is not a tool for punishment. Most businesses interpret these performance evaluations as a way to intimidate inefficient workers and push them to work more. But while this solves the problem on a daily basis, it causes loss of motivation in the long run and leads the employee to mentally distance themselves from their workplace.

Instead, the main purpose of these performance reviews should be to identify individuals with low performance, discover why this is, and prepare a plan and program for employees on how they can solve this. This way, employees can also analyze their performance from their own perspective and focus on the reasons.


Increasing employee productivity and satisfaction in a retail environment is not just beneficial; it’s essential for the success of your business. Happy and motivated employees contribute to improved customer service, higher sales, and lower turnover rates. In this blog post, we’ve explored several effective strategies for boosting productivity and satisfaction among your retail staff.

By setting achievable goals tailored to individual strengths, providing a positive work environment, offering incentives, providing regular training, and conducting constructive performance reviews, you can create a workplace where employees feel valued and motivated to excel.

Remember, investing in your employees’ well-being and professional development not only benefits them but also your business in the long run. By implementing these strategies, you can foster a culture of productivity, engagement, and success in your retail store.

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