People Counting & GDPR: Why Privacy Matters

January 8, 2021

In 2021, facial recognition technology is everywhere. Be it on our mobile devices, airport checkpoints, or social media platforms, facial-recognition software is widely used to make our lives easier and seemingly safer. However, violating the individual’s right to privacy is a concern that always comes to mind when talking about such technologies. Facial features are considered a form of personal data, and there are laws in place to protect how and when businesses are authorized to collect, use, and process this information.

Law enforcement departments have been trialing live facial recognition (LFR) technology for crime detection and prevention purposes. However, LFR isn’t just a patented technology for justice enforcement; it is also available for commercial use.

What Is GDPR?
The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) was introduced into the European Union to protect individuals’ rights in its member states. Under this law, governments and businesses must have a specific purpose for collecting and processing personal data; this purpose must, of course, be legal and transparent. Any non-compliance or GDPR breaches are punishable by law.

People Counters & GDPR Compliance
Utilizing a people counting sensor to understand visitor traffic trends can have numerous benefits for your business. Understanding the numbers, times, and demographic profiles of people visiting your building and how they move throughout your premises can help you optimize your operations, meet your customers’ needs, and thus, increase satisfaction and revenues.

However, ensuring that your device is GDPR compliant is crucial to avoid legal implications and guarantee your visitors’ and employees’ right to privacy.

Is Your People Counter GDPR Compliant?
When it comes to choosing a people counter sensor for your business, data accuracy is critical to help you make fact-based business decisions. The trick is to find a product that isn’t only highly accurate but is GDPR compliant as well.

If you’re on the market for a people counter or are considering upgrading your existing hardware, you will want to ensure that the product you use is GDPR compliant. Reputable sellers will take a strong interest in ensuring that their products always operate in accordance with the regulations of the country in which they operate.

V-Count’s Ultima AI uses 3D active stereo vision technology to provide you with an unmatched 99.9% counting accuracy with HD resolution. Our Ultima AI People counting/tracking sensor is 100% compliant with GDPR, and privacy is assured with anonymous counting as no faces or personal data is ever recorded.

People counters can help you optimize your customers’ experience. However, it is essential to diligently protect the privacy of those customers to ensure that you remain a trustworthy and reliable organization.