How to Sell More Cars – People Counting Technology in Car Dealership

February 9, 2024

people counting in a car dealership

With the changing technology, consumers’ purchasing behaviors have also changed. The best way to understand consumers is through people counting solutions. So, is your dealership ready to meet the changing customer demand?

Millennials lead in car sales, purchasing more new cars than any other age group, and they also rank close to the top in automobile sales when it comes to buying used vehicles worldwide, according to Deloitte’s 2023 Global Automotive Consumer Study. The research also suggests that millennials, alongside young adults, have been more informed than ever, and factors that come into play when evaluating brands change rather fast for them on a yearly basis.

Nearly a decade ago, competitive pricing was the most important factor for most car buyers, but current studies indicate that now they show a preference for hybrid cars and are more inclined towards electrified vehicles. However, cost and convenience, as well as driving range and charging time, are still major concerns. Meanwhile, older generations prioritize comfort and brand recognition.

Consumer trends were never set-in-stone, but in the post-pandemic era, they are evolving more rapidly than ever before, even for older adults. If you manage a car dealership, it’s crucial to stay informed and up-to-date on all car sales tips, understand who your customers are, and meet their demands to boost car sales and ensure your company’s success.

Fortunately, there are now technologies and solutions that assist in collecting accurate and actionable consumer data. One such technology is visitor analytics. Visitor tracking enables dealerships to identify their customers, prioritize operations, and better align their business strategies and investments.

In this article, we will delve into how people counting can assist car dealerships and showrooms in maximizing their sales numbers and improve key metrics. Visitor analytics also plays a pivotal role in ensuring high-quality service while cutting down on unnecessary costs. So grab your drink, and let’s explore how people counting can transform your business for the better.

The State of Car Sales – Shift Toward Electric Vehicles

According to both Deloitte’s report and Economic Intelligence Unit’s 2023 Automotive Outlook study, there is a growing interest in electric vehicles (EV); however, this trend shift is facing several momentum-breaking barriers. Today’s car buyers find electric vehicles expensive, and most believe there aren’t enough options. Battery and safety concerns also stand in the way.

Nearly all consumers listed product quality as their top priority in purchasing a vehicle, and most age groups believe that established brands deliver higher quality and safety. Delivery time was also highlighted as a key factor in selecting a new car, but thankfully, the vehicle inventory crisis caused by the chip shortage is beginning to subside. In response, some manufacturers and dealerships have adapted their strategies. “a new build-to-order paradigm,” say experts at Deloitte.

In today’s competitive market, car dealerships are compelled to offer exceptional customer service, an engaging buying experience, and comprehensive post-purchase services to cultivate a positive reputation for their brand. A negative customer experience, particularly after the purchase, can lead to a decline in sales over time.

Both reports anticipate that consumers will increasingly prioritize being environmentally conscious, opting for fuel-efficient and green vehicles. Industry experts also emphasize that car dealerships that integrate technology early tend to enhance their operations comprehensively, leading to more efficient processes and innovative sales strategies that captivate customers, ultimately driving up sales. By adopting technologies such as people counting and customer relationship management systems (CRM), dealerships can amplify their sales, elevate their team’s performance, and consistently deliver an exceptional customer experience.

People Counting in Car Dealerships

People counting technology equips you with the tools to precisely monitor the flow of people entering and exiting your car dealership, offering the option for real-time analytics. By installing visitor tracking sensors at strategic entrance and exit points, you can gauge your establishment’s traffic, or take it a step further by placing additional sensors to pinpoint popular zones and vehicles.

Visitor tracking technology is diverse, yet many models are either antiquated or lack the capability to deliver extreme accuracy. The most sophisticated option available today is the 3D Active Stereo Vision technology, which is driven by advanced AI and excels in counting people with remarkable precision, even in challenging conditions. These modern people counters, powered by advanced AI, are adept at differentiating between people and objects, and they can gather visitor data with minimal errors, even providing detailed demographics such as visitor age and gender with impressive accuracy.

However, collecting accurate and reliable traffic data is only the first step. This data needs to be processed with a visitor analytics tool, like BoostBI offered by V-Count, to turn it into actionable insights that can significantly improve your car sales. Utilizing a visitor analytics platform, you can produce tailored reports, charts, and graphs, compare critical metrics for your dealership, and optimize various aspects of your operations, such as staffing, store layout, and customer service.

Discover Who Your Customers Are

The sale process starts with customer interest, but it’s crucial to know who your customers are and whether your dealership has the right vehicle inventory to meet their demands. If the desired vehicles aren’t currently in your showroom, can you deliver them within a reasonable time frame?

As a decision-maker, understanding your customers’ preferences is essential.In this context, people counting solutions play a pivotal role. Traffic counting solutions furnish you with comprehensive information, enabling you to proactively plan and cater to your customers’ needs. A swift and satisfying sale process not only frees up space in your showroom but also provides you with the opportunity to focus your efforts on boosting your revenue.

The sale process doesn’t end with simply meeting customer demands; it extends to selling more cars and maximizing profitability. To achieve this, it’s essential to capitalize on every opportunity presented by understanding your customers’ behavior patterns. People counting solutions empower you to identify peak selling times, popular vehicle choices, and potential upselling opportunities. Armed with this valuable data, your dealership can implement targeted marketing strategies and personalized sales approaches, ultimately driving higher sales volumes and increasing your bottom line.

The Power of Historical Data to Grow Your Dealership

Even as an experienced manager who stays abreast of trends and prepares meticulously, investing in a modern solution to accumulate historical visitor data and sales data is wise. Data collected over time can unveil considerable hidden potential and assist in growing your company in a robust and sustainable manner.

You may trust your memory, but you can’t beat a well-documented and organized tracking system. Access to your dealership’s visitor traffic and sales data allows for a comparison of different times and locations, providing a powerful advantage you previously lacked. By leveraging these tools and information, you can optimize your operations and implement necessary improvements. Historical data, when combined with live visitor data, empowers you to cut energy costs and reduce your company’s carbon footprint, leading to significant savings and environmental benefits.

Imagine adding a new team member to your organization; you can track their performance data and compare it with that of other employees when they first joined. Monitor their performance progress and set realistic estimates and goals. Establish reward systems that are powered by objective data to motivate and recognize their achievements.

Needless to add, historical data is objective, easily accessible, transferable, and reliable, while memory is unreliable and subjective. Even the strongest minds fade over time. While the human touch is irreplaceable, one can’t deny the necessity of a solid business approach in today’s competitive environment.

Staff Scheduling with AI-Powered People Counting

Optimizing your staffing levels with accurate and reliable visitor data can enhance your ability to serve your customers with excellence and efficiency; plus, your dealership will save money annually while delivering top-notch customer service.

AI-powered people counting and visitor analytics tools will assist you in tracking and counting the number of individuals entering and exiting your store over various time frames, be it daily, weekly, monthly, or annually.

After collecting visitor and employee data over a specific period, you can adjust staffing levels to meet your dealership’s needs and accommodate your team’s special occasions. AI algorithms will discern patterns and trends, then recommend staff schedules to ensure that prompt and efficient customer service is consistently provided at your establishment. The more visitor data you amass, the more robust and efficient your system will grow.

Optimize Your Marketing Campaigns

Selecting the appropriate people counting technology and solutions can significantly boost your marketing efforts. With access to precise demographic data, you can craft targeted marketing campaigns and special promotions for specific age groups, driving increased sales at your dealership.

Incorporating digital signage within your establishment or storefront can significantly enhance visibility and drive more people toward your vehicles. By utilizing zone analytics, you can identify which areas and cars captivate visitors the most, allowing you to tailor your next marketing effort based on solid visitor data.

Harnessing the power of accurate people counting, dealerships can initiate marketing campaigns that are not only extremely efficient but also have a substantial impact on maximizing their ROIs.


To sell more cars in the rapidly transforming auto industry, it’s crucial to adapt and understand the ever-changing customer needs. Equipped with factual and precise visitor information, you can make data-driven decisions that will propel your business forward and keep you at the forefront of the competition.

Reach out now, and we will promptly connect you with one of our people counting experts. Let’s explore together how we can shape the future of your business!