Meet the Breathtaking Revolution that Breaks New Ground in Visitor Analysis: BoostBI Sales Coach

May 21, 2024

Visitor Analysis

The demand for people counting sensors and visitor analytics is growing for businesses with physical locations. As technology advances and AI revolutionizes the industry, businesses are investing more in computer-based technologies to optimize their processes and boost profitability.

Recent research shows that companies using computer vision technology saw an average profit increase of 27% in 2023 compared to those who did not. They are projected to see a 51% profit increase in 2024. As a result, business owners should promptly integrate technologies like people counting sensors and visitor analytics tools into their operations.

It’s crucial to choose people counting sensors and visitor analytics tools that stand out with unique features. In this blog, we will discuss V-Count‘s visitor analytics tool, BoostBI, and its new AI assistant, “Sales Coach”. We will also examine why BoostBI is a more logical choice compared to other visitor analytics tools.

What are People Counting and Visitor Analysis Tools, and What are They Used For?

Visitor Analysis Tool

For those unfamiliar with the subject, people counting refers to systems businesses use to track foot traffic, increase revenue, reduce costs, and understand their customers’ preferences. Businesses worldwide, of all sizes and across various sectors, primarily retail, use people counting sensors at their physical locations to gather detailed customer data, informing their business models.

However, people counting sensors alone aren’t enough for businesses to make data-driven decisions. A robust visitor analysis tool with diverse features is also essential.

Visitor analysis tools primarily present the collected data from people counting sensors to business owners in a consolidated format, simplifying decision-making processes. While it may seem any visitor analysis tool can do this, the reality is more nuanced. Businesses can view data from people counting sensors using any tool, but tools that can’t differentiate in today’s world are just basic applications. This is where BoostBI and its revolutionary, industry-shaping innovations come into play.

What is BoostBI?

Visitor Analysis

BoostBI, developed by V-Count, is a visitor analysis tool that works with all people counting sensors, not just those from V-Count. With next-generation sensors like Nano, which count people with 99% accuracy, business owners can view this data on the BoostBI interface.

Given the advancements made by AI in recent years, many sensor manufacturers worldwide are aiming to incorporate artificial intelligence models into their workflows to streamline customer operations. Recognizing the importance of AI tools in transforming data into meaningful information, V-Count is also developing AI technologies like AI on Chip, leveraging over 15 years of experience in the field.

This leads us to BoostBI’s new feature, Sales Coach, which was born out of this idea. But what exactly is Sales Coach, and how can businesses benefit from it?

What is “Sales Coach” ?

Sales Coach, an artificial intelligence feature in the latest BoostBI update, offers suggestions to business owners based on collected business data. This tool guides users towards innovations, arrangements, and optimizations that they can implement in their stores. By following these suggestions, businesses can enhance their operational efficiency and significantly increase profitability.

From our customer demos, it’s been observed that businesses using the Sales Coach feature see an increase in turnover in as little as two months. This new feature, currently in the demo stage, can potentially lead to significant turnover increases. So, considering these examples and information, what other benefits could Sales Coach offer your business?

What are the Benefits Provided by a Sales Coach?

Enhanced Decision-Making:

  • Data-Driven Insights: Sales Coach is an invaluable tool that provides businesses with comprehensive and detailed analyses of past data. By tracking and analyzing historical data, Sales Coach enables businesses to make more informed and strategic decisions. This is achieved by providing insights into actual visitor behavior and trends, thus allowing businesses to tailor their approach based on concrete facts and patterns. With Sales Coach, businesses are not just making assumptions, but are making decisions based on data-driven evidence, ultimately leading to more effective strategies and improved outcomes.
  • Real-Time Feedback: By leveraging the power of real-time insights, businesses are afforded a unique opportunity to adapt swiftly to rapidly changing conditions. This not only improves their overall responsiveness to various shifts in the market but also significantly enhances their agility. In turn, this agility allows them to stay ahead of the curve, giving them a competitive edge in a constantly evolving business landscape.

Operational Efficiency:

  • Optimized Staffing: Understanding peak visitor times and patterns is a vital aspect for a business’s operational efficiency. By having a clear grasp of when the foot traffic is at its highest, businesses can optimize their staffing levels more effectively. This involves ensuring that they have the appropriate number of employees on duty during those peak times. Not only does this strategy help to better manage the needs and demands of the customers, but it also allows for smoother operations and improved customer service. In doing so, businesses can ensure they are maximizing their resources while also meeting, and potentially exceeding, customer expectations.
  • Inventory Management: Sales Coach, a powerful tool in the realm of business management, can significantly enhance the accuracy of demand prediction. This improvement plays a crucial role in managing inventory effectively, thereby minimizing the risk of encountering situations of stockouts or overstock. By having a more accurate forecast of market demand, businesses can optimize their inventory levels to ensure they neither run out of products nor have an excess. This leads not only to improved customer satisfaction due to availability of products when needed, but also to the efficient use of resources by preventing unnecessary expenditure on overstock.

Improved Customer Experience:

  • Personalized Recommendations: Sales Coach, through the detailed analysis of visitor data, is capable of suggesting finely-tuned and personalized marketing strategies. These strategies are not just generic recommendations, but they’re tailored to cater specifically to distinct customer segments. By doing so, businesses are able to target their promotional activities more effectively. This, in turn, enhances the overall customer experience, while simultaneously maximizing the potential for increased revenue.
  • Queue Management: Leveraging real-time data to monitor and understand visitor flow patterns is a powerful tool that can significantly aid in queue management. By accurately assessing and predicting the influx of visitors, businesses can strategically allocate resources and staff, effectively reducing wait times. This not only optimizes operational efficiency but also dramatically enhances the overall customer experience. By ensuring smoother, faster service, customers are left with a positive impression, thereby fostering customer loyalty and promoting repeat business.

Increased Sales and Revenue:

  • Targeted Marketing Campaigns: Sales Coach can provide invaluable insights that can be instrumental in designing and implementing targeted marketing campaigns. These campaigns, tailored to resonate with specific audiences, are more likely to generate a positive response, thereby driving higher conversion rates. By understanding the needs and wants of the audience, the marketing messages can be crafted more effectively, leading to increased engagement, better customer satisfaction, and ultimately, a stronger return on marketing investment. Thus, the data derived from Sales Coach can play a crucial role in refining marketing strategies and achieving business goals.
  • Sales Optimization: By examining and identifying which particular areas of the store attract the highest number of visitors, as well as determining which products are most popular among customers, businesses are provided with valuable insights. These insights can be strategically utilized to optimize their store layout, ensuring that the most frequently visited areas are easily accessible and well-stocked. Similarly, they can enhance product placements, positioning the most popular products in prominent, eye-catching locations within the store. By doing so, businesses can effectively influence customer purchasing behavior, ultimately leading to a significant boost in sales and overall profitability.

Competitive Advantage:

  • Benchmarking Performance: Sales Coach is a powerful tool that enables businesses to evaluate and benchmark their performance against historical data. This comprehensive comparison provides a clear picture of their growth trajectory. It helps them identify areas of strength, which can be leveraged to maximize profitability, as well as areas that require improvement. By addressing these areas of concern, businesses can take proactive steps to enhance their operational efficiency and ensure sustained growth.
  • Strategic Planning: The utilization of long-term data analysis plays a crucial role in strategic planning. It offers businesses the ability to set more precise and realistic goals that are not simply based on short-term observations or gut feelings. Instead, these decisions are informed by a comprehensive understanding of past performances and future projections. Furthermore, this in-depth analysis enables the development of strategies that are in line with prevailing market trends, thus increasing the likelihood of business success. Understanding and leveraging these trends can provide companies with a competitive edge, making them more adaptable and responsive to the ever-changing business environment.

Cost Savings:

  • Resource Allocation: With the help of precise visitor data and trend analysis, businesses have the opportunity to allocate their resources more effectively. By understanding where their resources are most needed, they can direct their efforts and investments into areas that require the most attention. This strategy not only reduces wastage but also optimizes expenditures. As a result, they can achieve a better return on investment and improve the overall efficiency of their operations. This strategic allocation of resources can potentially lead to improved customer satisfaction, increased revenue, and a stronger market position.
  • Energy Efficiency: Understanding the patterns of visitors is an essential factor in managing energy usage more effectively. By analyzing where and when foot traffic is heaviest, we can make strategic adjustments to our systems. This could include modifying heating and cooling schedules to align with peak occupancy times, thus ensuring that we are not wasting energy by heating or cooling empty spaces. Similarly, we can adjust lighting based on these patterns, turning lights off in areas where they are not required, and ensuring they are on when and where they are needed. This approach not only makes our energy use more efficient but also helps in creating a more comfortable environment for visitors.

Enhanced Marketing Effectiveness:

  • Campaign Effectiveness: The Sales Coach software has the ability to meticulously examine and analyze the impact that various marketing campaigns have on the number of visitors and overall sales. By doing this, Sales Coach can provide in-depth insights and understanding into which marketing strategies and tactics work best in attracting potential customers and driving sales growth. This valuable information can then be used to optimize future marketing campaigns and generate a higher return on investment.
  • Customer Engagement: By deeply understanding the behavior patterns of their visitors, businesses are able to create a more effective and tailored engagement strategy for their customers. This level of personalization and understanding allows companies to build a stronger connection with their clientele, fostering a sense of loyalty. This loyalty not only encourages repeat visits from customers, but also paves the way for long-term relationships that are beneficial for both parties. This strategy is not just about increasing immediate sales, but also about creating a sustainable customer base that will provide consistent support and revenue over time.
visitor analysis tool

Future Projections and Trend Analysis:

  • Predictive Analytics: The Sales Coach software is equipped with the capability to analyze historical data, leveraging this information to accurately predict future trends. This predictive feature plays an essential role in helping businesses prepare for upcoming changes in visitor behavior. By understanding and anticipating shifts in consumer behavior, businesses can strategize and adjust their approach accordingly, ensuring they stay ahead of the curve and maintain a competitive edge in their respective markets.
  • Market Trends: By consistently monitoring and staying ahead of market trends, businesses can gain a significant competitive advantage. This allows them to adjust their strategies in a proactive manner, anticipating changes and adapting before they occur, rather than being forced to react hastily to unexpected shifts in the market. This proactive approach to strategic planning can lead to improved business resilience, more efficient operations, and ultimately, better performance in the marketplace.

What Other Advantages Does BoostBI Have Besides Sales Coach?

Sales Coach

As visitor analysis tools are considered, standout features like Sales Coach, backed by artificial intelligence, are noteworthy. However, BoostBI offers much more.

The major feature that sets BoostBI apart from other visitor analysis tools, besides Sales Coach, is its industry-first mobile application. Traditional visitor analysis tools typically offer dashboards accessed via specific interfaces and computers. This isn’t always viable for business owners who are consistently mobile. Thus, BoostBI offers an app that runs smoothly on both Android and iOS operating systems. This allows managers to conveniently view visitor data anytime, anywhere, on their phones or tablets.

BoostBI offers an easy-to-use interface in 19 different languages. This enables users worldwide to comfortably view their data in their native language. This feature ensures that not just business owners, but also store managers can easily use the app. Additionally, BoostBI seamlessly integrates with all people-counting sensors.

Its user-friendly interface also allows customization of dashboards to display only the data business owners are currently interested in. This allows them to make strategic decisions promptly, focusing only on the metrics they care about.

While having artificial intelligence that provides recommendations is beneficial, business owners may sometimes want to analyze data themselves and make strategic decisions based on this data. To cater to this, BoostBI offers automatically generated reports. This enables businesses to optimize operations for employees by receiving data related to employees at specific dates and times. BoostBI’s instant notifications also ensure that business owners don’t miss any critical details.

Lastly, thanks to BoostBI’s API support, it can easily integrate with existing systems such as a business’s POS. This helps businesses optimize their workflows and increase efficiency.


The importance of visitor analysis tools and person counting systems is growing daily. Businesses that invest in such technology gain a competitive edge. V-Count’s visitor analysis tool, BoostBI, will soon offer an artificial intelligence-supported Sales Coach feature. This could potentially eliminate competition among visitor analysis tools for BoostBI. This feature allows businesses to optimize efficiency through recommendations based on past data.

For more information about V-Count’s visitor analysis tool BoostBI and our person counting sensors, book a free demo now!