Benefits of People Counting and In-store Visitor Analytics for Supermarkets

March 20, 2023

The retail industry is becoming more and more competitive by the day, and no industry is safe from changing visitor behavior. Your average shopper nowadays is more educated than ever —in the sense that they know what they need and want— meaning supermarkets and grocery shops must learn to adapt and leverage new technologies to help them understand what customers want and meet the modern shoppers’ demands.

More often than not, supermarket owners and managers rely on offering sales and discounts on popular items to attract shoppers looking for deals, and they support these deals with visually appealing displays and posters. The idea behind this is to ensure the store is more inviting and exciting for shoppers, but blindly guessing what items appeal to which customers is not the healthiest way to go.

There’s a lot more you can do as a supermarket manager; for instance, cutting-edge people counting technology can help you understand what works for your store and how you can take it to the next level. This technology can show your store’s peak times (weeks, days, hours), how many people come to your store, who your customers are and what they want, which zones attract more customers and more.  Depending on the solutions you use, you can discover a lot more about your stores and visitors, then start delivering the top-notch customer service they deserve. Combine it with the right deals and pricing, and you have the winning recipe. 

This article will explore some of the standout benefits and advantages of using accurate and reliable traffic counting sensors and online visitor analytics. People counters can transform your supermarket into an even more convenient and inviting place for shoppers around the neighborhood and enhance your establishment’s growth immensely.

Track The Number of Customers Entering and Exiting Accurately

Running a supermarket is no easy task, especially in a trendy area. Sure, the business may be doing good, but your store may be underperforming and could draw in even more shoppers daily.

A modern and reliable people counter will enable you to accurately track the number of customers entering and exiting your establishment. This way, you can gain valuable insights into foot traffic patterns and peak shopping times. 

Of course, the number of customers entering and exiting your store alone isn’t enough to understand customer behavior. Suppose your traffic counter and online visitor analytics tool support age and gender analytics. You can dig deeper and discover all you need to know about customer behavior at your supermarket. Once you understand their needs, you can deliver excellent customer service to build loyalty.

Discover Your Customers and Understand Customer Behavior 

Most people counters on the market use outdated technologies and claim to be highly accurate; they’re not. Only sensors that are powered by 3D Active Stereovision Technology can deliver nearly perfect visitor data, and even then, not all sensors can fully utilize this technology. 

As a store manager, you must first have precise visitor data to gain actionable insights into customer behavior. Then you can start using supporting solutions such as demographic analysis and zone analytics to their fullest potential. These solutions can help you understand who your customers are and why they visit your stores; you can also combine this information with your POS system to discover which items are bought. 

Another critical benefit of people counting is the ability to analyze customer behavior by tracking how customers move through the store. Supermarket owners and managers can identify popular products, high-traffic areas, and areas that may be underperforming via people counting and visitor analytics. Once you get a grasp of the customer journey, you can use the visitor data to optimize store layout, improve product placement, and make more informed decisions about inventory management.

Measure The Effectiveness of Marketing and Promotional Campaigns

On top of all that,  people counting and visitor analytics can also provide valuable and actionable insights into the effectiveness of marketing and promotional campaigns. Tracking foot traffic in specific store areas via zone analytics can reveal the impact of in-store promotions and advertising on customer behavior. Accurate visitor data can help supermarket managers make more informed decisions about future marketing efforts, leading to increased sales and revenue.

Of course, in this case, you need robust and precise people counters, and to accompany them, your visitor analytics tool should be able to transform visitor data into actionable insights. Basing a marketing campaign or launching a promo with distorted data can often leave a negative impact; hence, opting for accuracy over other fancy features first is vital. Fancy features are important too, but at its core, your base visitor data should be clean and workable.

Provided your online analytics solution supports integration with third-party software, you can, for instance, use digital signage solutions alongside people counting zone analytics and measure your campaign’s effectiveness across various metrics.

Optimize Staffing Levels and Queue Management

Choosing the right traffic counter provider will help you reduce energy costs and determine the labor you need. Optimizing staffing levels is a significant advantage of people counting. As a supermarket manager, you can ensure that there are always enough employees on hand to fill the checkouts and sections. You can also use people counting to determine how often you need your store needs cleaning and how much you should invest in security.

Knowing how many customers are in the store at any given time, you can provide excellent customer service and keep lines moving smoothly. Don’t forget, satisfied customers mean higher sales, and your business will grow at a faster rate. 

Create Dedicated Zones to Drive More Sales

Through zone analytics, you can launch experimental campaigns to bring visitors inside and turn them into customers. Supermarkets and grocery stores usually have no trouble turning visitors into customers, but managers can ensure these customers spends more by creating dedicated areas for food or other types of product sampling. Alternatively, you can use exciting ads or tech testing zones to drive visitors further into your establishment and fill the environment with relevant products to drive more sales.

You can use a popular zone to push a low-performing product or ensure your best-selling product gets even more attention, or you can use this information to improve underperforming zones.

In today’s market, knowledge is what empowers a business. The right people counting technology gets you that understanding, increasing your revenue while reducing costs. If you want to provide improved customer service, see increased sales, launch effective marketing and promotional campaigns, and improve security and loss prevention, get in touch with us now, and we’ll get you connected with one of our people counting experts as soon as possible. Let’s get your business to where it belongs together!