Queue Management

Minimize the time your customers spend at checkout with queue counting and improve customer satisfaction and prevent missed opportunities.

People come to retail stores to buy, not to wait in lines. One in every three potential customer leaves the store if they have to wait for more than five minutes to pay. Retailers experience revenue losses of up to 39% due to long queues. V-Count’s customer queue system is here to avoid potential losses caused by long lines.

The brand new V-Count Ultima AI sensor utilizes the accurate tracking of the 3D depth-sensing technology to deliver optimal customer queue management. Equipped with an advanced algorithm and the latest active stereo vision technology, V-Count offers the most cutting-edge queue counting and management solution currently available in the people counting market. V-Count’s Ultima AI can accurately and anonymously calculate the number of customers at the checkout queues as well as the average time they spent there. Identifying these key metrics is critical for retailers who seek to efficiently allocate their personnel and prevent any potential customer losses caused by long queues.

Benefits of Queue Management

People CounterAnalysis

Calculate the number of shoppers that leave the checkout queues, average time spent at queues and define optimal checkout queue lengths by using customer queuing system.

People CountingEfficiency

Avoid overcrowded checkout queues by allocating your personnel accordingly for better customer experience.

People CountingAbandonment

Using queue management device helps you to minimize the time your customers spend at the checkout queues to improve customer satisfaction and prevent abandonment.

People CountingLoyalty

Increase customer satisfaction by improving the checkout process. Become your clients go-to choice and increase customer loyalty.


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