What Is Gender Recognition Software?

Track Real-Time Visitor Traffic

Understand your visitors’ gender profiles with V-Count’s demographic data collection and analysis to enhance your customers’ engagement levels by offering them the right products. Keeping your stocks up to date with the needs of your diverse customer base provides them with a more personalized and satisfying shopping experience.

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Benefits of Demographic Analysis

Unlock The Power of In-Store Data
benefits - get real time data

Customer Segmentation

Gain a better understanding of your customers’ profiles and deliver a better service according to your visitors’ demographics.

benefits - increase conversion

Improved Marketing Campaigns

Measure the effectiveness of your marketing initiatives and tailor your advertising techniques to your customers’ gender trends to boost conversions.

benefits - manage occupancy

Merchandising Effectiveness

Choose assortments in line with your visitors’ gender data for better business results.

benefits - improve marketing

Stock Allocation & In-store Design

Optimize the design of your store based on the gender demographics of your visitors.

The Perfect Match is What “Counts”
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Hardware & software are complementary. The next-gen sensor technology meets with the latest AI & machine learning to bring you the highest accuracy in visitor analytics, all in-house.

FAQ about Demographic Analysis

How does demographic analysis work?faq selection arrow

The V-Count Ultima AI sensor is installed with an angle to view the visitors’ faces. Visitor face data is processed anonymously to generate Age and Gender information with a machine learning algorithm. According to face positions, the solution can provide attention time and impression counts.

Can Ultima AI count via facial recognition or expressions?faq selection arrow

The V-Count Ultima AI demographic analysis solution is GDPR compliant. It does not capture people’s faces or expressions, as the counting is based on people’s body shapes.

What data does the demographic analysis solution provide?faq selection arrow

The demographic solution can provide storefront traffic, impression traffic, and storefront attention times.

What metrics can I see on the demographic analysis dashboard?faq selection arrow

You can see the following metrics on the demographic analysis solution dashboard:
Male/Female Traffic Percentage, Top Group Percentage, Male/Female Average Attention Time, Top Attention Time, Street Traffic, Impression Count, Male/Female Average Attention Time, Age Distribution, and Average Attention Time with Age Distribution.

Can we import and export the demographic analysis data to our system?faq selection arrow

Yes, you can import your sales data into our dashboard manually or automatically with an API. V-Count analyzes the correlation between the sales and demographic data. You can also export the data through an API and use it in your management systems.

What should I do before installing the demographic analysis system?faq selection arrow

Our team of experts can provide you with personalized assistance depending on your needs. We will advise you on the suitable solutions, the right number of sensors, the suitable sensor locations or zones, and the installation and setup of the sensors and analytics platform.