Demographic Analysis

For a Better Shopping Experience

Know your potential and existing customers’ demographic profile and provide personalized and exceptional customer service according to your visitors’ preferences.

What Is Gender Recognition Software?


Understand your visitors’ gender profiles with V-Count’s demographic data collection and analysis to enhance your customers’ engagement levels by offering them the right products. Keeping your stocks up to date with the needs of your diverse customer base provides them with a more personalized and satisfying shopping experience.

GDPR Compliant


Your customers’ privacy is assured with V-Count’s demographic data analysis. Our solution is fully compliant with GDPR, and no faces or personal data is ever recorded.

Benefits of Demographic Analysis

Customer Segmentation

Gain a better understanding of your customers’ profiles and deliver a better service according to your visitors’ demographics.

Improved Marketing Campaigns

Measure the effectiveness of your marketing initiatives and tailor your advertising techniques to your customers’ gender trends to boost conversions.

Merchandising Effectiveness

Choose assortments in line with your visitors’ gender data for better business results.

Stock Allocation & In-store Design

Optimize the design of your store based on the gender demographics of your visitors.

Ultima AI

Precise. All-in-one. Plug & Play.

Ultima AI is the next-generation people counting sensor with the highest accuracy on the market. Its all-in-one approach integrates all the key solutions into the thinnest people tracking with easy plug & play functionalities.

Business Intelligence Platform

All The Data You Need In One Place.

Unlock the power of your visitor data with countless features, actionable information, and engaging reports for smarter business decisions to increase revenue.

Our Business Intelligence Platform is fully integrated with Shopify and Vend and into your existing hardware.

Take your reporting to the next level with over 200 KPIs to get a complete and tailored overview of your business and boost the efficiency of your physical locations.


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