Demographic Analysis

Know who your visitors are and deliver a positive shopping experience with customer demographic analysis.

Find out your visitors’ gender and age groups with V-Count’s demographic analysis. Knowing the demographic profile of your potential and existing customers is an important variable to provide better service according to their preferences.

Data from the demographic software allows you to enhance your customers’ engagement level by offering them the right products and keeping your stocks up to date with the needs of your diverse customer base to provide a more personalized experience for shoppers.

Benefits of Retail Demographic Analysis:

people counting

Customer Segmentation

V-Count’s new technology provides a better understanding of your customer profile by delivering you a deeper analysis via male vs female and age groups data.

People Counting

Marketing Campaigns

Plan your marketing campaigns according to your customers’ gender and age groups to target the right segment.

People Counting

Stock Allocation & In-store Design

Keep your stocks up-to-date at all times and improve your in-store design to meet the needs of your diverse customer base.


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