Zone Analytics

Understand your customers’ behavior with Zone Analytics and optimize their path to purchase!

Zone Analytics allows you to grasp your visitor’s action within your stores, which areas they are most attracted to, what products they search for, and what motivates them to buy. After you obtain the data, you will learn which product line and zones are performing better and improve the aspects that lead people to buy.

With Zone Analytics, you can understand the reasons behind the performance of successful areas and apply this knowledge to other zones to see the same or even better results. Let our hourly reports tell you how your store performs at different times during the day.

Zone Analytics uses a powerful Ultima AI sensor which provides up to 99.9 % accuracy to detect the visitors anonymously to collect data on where visitors are in and out of a particular area. It is fully compliant with GDPR requirements. They are the retailers’ most preferred choice to generate the number of visitors that spend time in a predefined area.

Zone Analytics is equipped with 3D Active Stereo Vision Technology to comprehend the customer behaviour in milliseconds. It provides the engagement data for a specific area. It also has an ability to detect staff with anonymous tags, which are worn by staff. This helps to provide filtering of unnecessary data and only provide focused group data such as pure Visitor Traffic.

Benefits of Zone Analytics

People CountingReal-time Customer Tracking

Anonymously track and generate traffic & dwell time analysis of your customer within your store to understand where they are lingering or where they are only passing by.

People CountingDelist Unattractive Products

Discover which products are not being sold even though they are placed in an active popular area. Delist unattractive products from your popular areas and improve transaction rates.

People CountingMarketing Effectiveness

Improve marketing effectiveness and profit margins by analyzing the success of your events, campaigns and different media channels used in different areas.

People CountingMeasure Success

By measuring your customers dwell-time with heatmap analytics in certain locations, you can get detailed info about how attractive your new product line is and which products are sold effectively when placed in different areas of your store.


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