Zone Analytics

Optimize Your Customers’ Path To Purchase

Gain valuable insights into your customers’ behavior with zone retail analytics from the moment they enter your stores to increase sales.

What Are In-Store Zone Analytics?

Data from our in-store retail analytics solution allows businesses to understand visitors’ dwell time, enhance customer engagement, identify the reasons behind the successful areas’ performance, and apply this knowledge to other zones for optimal results.

Benefits of Zone Analytics Software

Unlock The Power of In-Store Data

Enhance Store Layout

Dwell time data is key to increase sales and brand loyalty. These insights help you understand customers’ buying habits, see how different zones compare, and optimize your in-store layout design accordingly.

Optimize Product Placement

Discover your best and worst-selling products and optimize product placement for improved transactions and sales rates.

Improve Marketing Effectiveness

Measure the impact of your marketing campaigns and increase profit margins by analyzing the success of campaigns and events in different zones.

Increase Customer Satisfaction

By understanding which store zones and products attract the most customers, you can focus your staffing resources wherever needed to cut costs and make customers happier.

Ultima AI

Precise. All-in-one. Plug & Play.

Ultima AI is the next-generation people counting sensor with the highest accuracy on the market. Its all-in-one approach integrates all the key solutions into the thinnest people tracking with easy plug & play functionalities.

Business Intelligence Platform

All The Data You Need In One Place.

Unlock the power of your visitor data with countless features, actionable information, and engaging reports for smarter business decisions to increase revenue.

Our Business Intelligence Platform is fully integrated with Shopify and Vend and into your existing hardware.

Take your reporting to the next level with over 200 KPIs to get a complete and tailored overview of your business and boost the efficiency of your physical locations.


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