What is Passenger Counting Solution?

Track Real-Time Passenger Traffic and Optimize Your Fleet

Automated passenger counting is an advanced high-tech solution that monitors and counts passengers getting on and off buses, trains, and other means of public transport. Passenger counting data is provided by people counting sensors installed in the vehicle doors. By counting the in and out numbers of passengers per station, transportation companies can optimize their fleet and maximize passenger comfort.

Powered by AI and machine learning technologies, our Ultima sensors detect the passengers instantly and accurately as they pass through the doorway. We offer real-time passenger counting data at over 99% accuracy.

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Benefits Of Passenger Counting

Unlock the Power of Passenger Data
benefits - get real time data

Real-time data of passenger occupancy

Real-time processing of passenger data allows transportation companies to optimize their fleets by using live vehicle and station occupancy information. Real-time passenger data can detect objects like bicycles and wheelchairs and it won’t count them as passengers. V-Count sensors can also avoid counting u-turns and people standing around the doors, thus providing 99.9% accurate real-time passenger counting data.

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Increased passenger satisfaction

Tracking passenger occupancy in real-time, companies can adjust fleet composition to meet passenger needs no matter what the weather conditions are, and improve passenger comfort. Real-time passenger occupancy data lets companies arrange additional vehicles to meet passenger needs making sure that no passenger is left behind even in bad weather conditions and improve passenger comfort and safety.

benefits - manage occupancy

Optimization of Fleets and Routes

Passenger counting data and trends allows public transportation companies to optimize their fleet and vehicle capacities according to passenger volume. With the help of V-Count’s passenger counting solution, municipalities and transportation companies can figure out how many buses or train units will be deployed on which lines and at which hours.

benefits - improve marketing

Optimization of spaces for passenger baggage

Our passenger counting solution uses the latest AI technology and can distinguish passengers from baggage, and other objects like wheelchairs, bicycles, etc. With this hi-tech passenger counting service, the space required for passenger items in vehicles can also be optimized. Accurate object counting data in vehicles enables transportation companies to plan and optimize the space needed for such passenger goods.

benefits - optimize resource

Reduced costs

Passenger counting systems are accurate, and they reduce expenses all around for any company that's in the transportation industry. V-Count sensors collect and provide valuable data on transport performance, allowing cost reduction based on route and peak hour performance.

benefits - enhance business

Increased revenue from in-vehicle advertising

People counting in public transportation provide accurate results for advertisers by demonstrating routes and vehicles with higher occupancy.

benefits - privacy

Eco-friendly and sustainable transportation

Optimization of your fleets also means reducing carbon emissions and air pollution. By counting passengers, transportation companies can contribute to a more sustainable world.

benefits - privacy

Controlled payment systems and ticketing

People counting solution enables cross-checking and comparing the number of people in the vehicles and the number of tickets sold to passengers. This helps transportation companies take extra measures in ticket control systems when necessary and thus, reduce revenue loss.

The Perfect Match is What “Counts”
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Hardware & software are complementary. The next-gen sensor technology meets with the latest AI & machine learning to bring you the highest accuracy in visitor analytics, all in-house.

FAQ about Passenger Counting

How does the passenger counting solution work?faq selection arrow

The V-Count Ultima AI and Ultima Go sensors are installed over the vehicle doors to monitor the in and out numbers of passengers. The sensors anonymously detect and count the heads of people entering and exiting the buses, trains, or ships. This passenger counting data is then sent to the V-Count Business intelligence platform, where you can easily access and view the passenger traffic. You can use the data to optimize your fleets, control your ticketing and payment systems, improve passenger comfort and prepare precise reports for in-vehicle advertising.

How many sensors does a transportation company need per vehicle for passenger counting?faq selection arrow

The number of sensors needed for passenger counting depends on the number of entries in each vehicle. We would be pleased to advise you on the estimated number of sensors required. Contact us for more details.

Which other solutions can work with the passenger counting solution?faq selection arrow

Group Counting
Child & Adult Differentiation
Real-time Occupancy
Wi-Fi Analytics
Staff Exclusion
Mask Detection
Gender Recognition
Object Counting

What metrics can I see on the passenger counting dashboard?faq selection arrow

Real-time occupancy rate
Most and least used vehicles
Most and least used routes
Most and least used stations
In and out passenger counts on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis
General analysis of the passenger flow

Can we import and export the passenger counting data to our system?faq selection arrow

Yes, you can import your passenger and sales data into our dashboard manually or automatically via an API. You can also export the data through an API and use it in your own data management systems.