Benefits of Staff Scheduling and Optimization

December 22, 2023

Revamp your store’s efficiency now. Streamline your operations and boost your conversation rates with our analytics software, BoostBI

Managing a brick-and-mortar store is never an easy task, especially if you have a crew under your wings, be it a small or big one. While managing your employees can be quite the challenge —in fact, even more so in today’s competitive world— it’s far from impossible with store optimization and staff scheduling solutions. These innovative technologies can help you become more efficient and effective in no time. 

If you’re tired of spending hours scheduling your staff, yet missing important details and making errors here and there, store optimization and staff scheduling software are exactly what you need. Not only will you run a better organized and functioning team, but you’ll also get to streamline your operations more efficiently and improve your store’s overall performance. 

In this blog post, we’ll talk about how you can streamline your scheduling process, optimize your staff’s performance, and maximize your store’s potential to the fullest with the right solution. V-Count’s BoostBI software comes with powerful tools to help you save time, reduce errors and maximize your conversion rate. Without further ado, let’s dive in and explore how you can improve your operations with BoostBI.

What is Store Optimization? 

In the retail space, the store optimization process refers to improving the efficiency of a physical place’s layout, product placement, design, staff scheduling, and other operations to enhance the overall customer experience. An optimized store will perform better, increase conversion rates, and even reduce operational costs

Store optimization strategies come in various ways, but no matter which methods you’ll want to employ, you should base it on factual and accurate visitor data to actually get healthy and repeatable results. 

What is a Store Optimization Solution? 

Store optimization solution refers to software or technology developed to improve a retail store’s overall efficiency and performance. Store optimization solutions use the power of accurate and reliable people counting sensors to collect visitor data. The traffic data is then sent to an online visitor analytics tool and transformed into meaningful and actionable insights so that decision-makers can analyze it and understand customer behavior, sales trends, staff schedules, inventory levels, store design, and many other important metrics.

Having access to precise and factual traffic data allows you to make data-driven decisions and become more efficient in almost every way possible. You can use a store’s visitor data to understand better who your customers are and what they want and immediately get on improving their experience at your stores. How you can get there depends on several factors, and there’s no single formula that works for every industry or store, but with accurate visitor data in the palm of your hand, you can see improvements across all your operations.

What is BoostBI?

BoostBI is the go-to software solution for retailers (and other organizations such as museums, airports, hotels, etc.); BoostBI transforms people counting data into visualized, easy-to-understand information, allowing you to make informed business decisions. Simply put, BoostBI functions similarly to Google Analytics but for the physical world.

BoostBI is a powerful visitor analytics tool that can collect and process people counting data in real time. It can also provide you with a complete picture of customer behavior and interactions at your store. 

It’s the ultimate online platform for real-world traffic data visualization. It can transform the data your people counting solution gathers into charts, graphs, and dashboards, making it extremely easy to understand complex data sets. It can also reveal customer behavior and sales trends and help you find the correlation between a trend and outside factors such as the time of the day or weather.

More importantly, all of this information can be used to optimize your store and increase your conversion rates while cutting down costs without sacrificing quality in customer service. BoostBI’s solutions and KPIs allow you to optimize your staff schedule to maximum efficiency, making both your customers and team members happier and more satisfied. Plus, an optimized workforce means reduced energy spending and lower bills.

BoostBI is a device-agnostic, cloud-powered online platform that can collect data from a variety of sources, including third-party people counting sensors, cameras, and POS systems. However, we recommend using BoostBI with V-Count’s Ultima Series traffic counters to get the most accurate results. Ultima Series sensors are powered by 3D Active Stereovision Technology and offer the highest accuracy on the market. 

It supports 19 languages and allows you to customize your dashboards according to your needs.

How Can Optimized Staff Schedules Boost Conversion Rates?

Optimizing staff schedules can lead to increased conversion rates. The solution is quite simple, too; when you know your store’s peak and slow hours, you can always ensure enough staff members are ready to meet the customers and improve their experience across your establishment. 

For instance, employing a store optimizer solution powered by accurate visitor counting can reduce customer wait times. You can combine this solution with queue management and drastically reduce the abandonment rate at your store. The less your visitors wait in line, and the faster they receive assistance when they need it, the better their experience will be. A satisfied visitor will gladly turn into a customer, hence a higher conversion rate. 

Leveraging this technology will also improve your staff’s efficiency. Having the right amount of employees available at your store will ensure visitors will always receive timely and helpful service, and chances will be higher for them to make a purchase. 

You can also schedule your team members to focus on other tasks that will ensure your store runs like a well-oiled machine. These tasks could be inventory management, restocking products, making sure the store is always clean and inviting, and more. Since you’ll know when the slow hours are happening, you can adjust the workforce according to your store’s needs and make sure these tasks are done during the slow hours. 

Additionally, you can reduce your labor costs while providing top-notch customer service. An optimized labor force will work less but provide more. You can reduce the time your teammates spend idle and ensure they will have enough breaks not to get overwhelmed.


In a nutshell, optimized staff schedules will lead to higher conversion rates and a more positive shopping experience. You’ll save a lot of money since you’ll get reduced labor and energy costs while providing even better customer service. If you want to start using BoostBI and maximize your revenue, get in touch with us now, and we’ll connect you with one of our people counting experts in no time.