What is Staff Exclusion in People Counting and How It Works

December 5, 2022

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In the digital age, tracking visitors to a website or mobile app is easy. Brands operating in the digital world have more than enough tools to understand who their visitors are and what they want based on demographics, user journeys, and more. Digital analytics tools provide precise information about visitors and give businesses lots of customization options, a very important one being excluding staff members’ visits on pages. The story goes a little differently for retailers and other physical businesses, but luckily it’s now possible to exclude staff when counting visitors in the physical world as well.

The number one reason you invest in a traffic counter for your business is knowing the number of people coming in and out of your stores. Accuracy is the key here and your traffic counting technology should be able to deliver nearly flawless information. Your end goal is to understand what your physical locations are trying to tell you with this technology. You cannot base your next marketing campaign or promotional deal on customer data that is even 5% off. Data can easily become polluted or distorted if you include your staff’s in and outs as well,  and this is the part staff exclusion feature comes to the rescue. It’s nearly impossible to keep track of your team members comings and goings manually and even if you could, it would be too time-consuming and far from being efficient. 

Your traffic counter should be able to fetch you the most precise and actionable information in order to help you make data-driven decisions and plan for sustainable growth. Unfiltered data —regardless of how accurate it is— will get in the way of acquiring that. Most visitor counting technologies out on the market can barely deliver about 85% accuracy and that’s without diving into specifics; it’s just the number of in and outs overall. If you’re running a rather luxurious brand, you’ll have less traffic and your store’s data will be prone to pollution more as the staff traffic will have a larger effect on it. Without a staff exclusion solution, your store’s data will become even more distorted and you’ll end up drawing conclusions from estimates rather than factual numbers. 

In this article, we’ll explain what staff exclusion is and how it works. We’ll also explain what makes V-Count unique in this regard and why no other brand can compete with us when it comes to counting people accurately.

What is Staff Exclusion Solution

V-Count’s staff exclusion solution anonymously detects staff traffic and excludes them from visitor traffic to get you the exact visitor conversion rate. Staff Exclusion is an add-on to our people counting technology, enabling visitor and staff traffic to be counted with a single sensor.

This solution aggregates staff traffic in the reporting pages found on our online visitor analytics tool, Business Intelligence Platform. Staff data can easily be excluded with one click from the overall visitor traffic to provide the most precise people counting data for your physical locations. Excluding staff data will allow you to get find the true conversion rate, but you can easily add staff traffic to your overall visitor data or examine each separately. 

How Does Staff Exclusion Work

V-Count’s staff exclusion is powered by IR (infrared) technology and it’s fully GDPR compliant, meaning no face or personal data is ever saved. All you need to do is install an Ultima Series traffic counting sensor top-down and have your staff wear a tag on their shoulder area. These tags are made of special materials and our sensors detect them to anonymously identify the staff member and exclude their counts.

The add-on works simultaneously with nearly all other V-Count solutions and KPIs and will help you gather the most accurate people counting data you could ask for. The best part is you need not invest in another sensor, Ultima Series counters are capable of excluding staff while operating as usual. All you need is the wearable tags we provide (one tag per employee). The tags come with magnets, allowing you to attach them to any outfit easily and safely.

Keep in mind that for absolute accuracy, the sensors must be placed following our guidelines, and the tags should be visible in full. It is recommended that Ultima Series sensors are mounted between 2.8 m and 5 m in height for staff exclusion. Installing the device higher or lower may impair the performance of the staff exclusion solution.

What Makes V-Count Staff Exclusion Unique?

The unmatched and unbeatable accuracy is what makes V-Count unique. We provide a variety of business-specific solutions, add-ons, and KPIs but it all comes down to providing accurate people counting at its core, and that’s what we’re best at. V-Count’s Ultima sensors are powered by 3D Active Stereo Vision technology and both the hardware and software are developed in-house by our engineers. 

V-Count is able to deliver 99% people counting accuracy via its state-of-the-art 3D Active Stereo Vision technology, it can count people accurately even in pitch black when there are no light sources. Ultima sensors can also spot groups and individuals and count them both as a group and separate people, allowing you to generate reports that suit your company’s needs.

In a nutshell, your traffic counter must be able to deliver nearly perfect accuracy in counting visitors in and out of your stores before offering staff exclusion as an add-on. The whole point of having this feature is to eliminate distorted data and ensure you’re making business decisions based on facts rather than guesses or estimates. V-Count combines 99% accuracy with a good deal of side features to ensure it offers the most precise people counters and stays on top of the market.

Being a trendsetter in the people and traffic counting industry, V-Count uses the cloud to provide the ultimate service to its customers. This also allows us to offer accurate real-time people counting and help you follow the health guidelines or generate time-specific reports, even down to an hourly basis.

On top of all that, we also offer demographic analysis as well as zone analytics solutions to ensure you understand who your customers are, what they want, and what their customer journey is like throughout your locations.


Extra features like staff exclusion only make sense if your base people counting sensor is actually near-perfect accurate and reliable. V-Count offers the highest accuracy in visitor analytics and people counting and combines it with great features, including staff exclusion to provide healthier and undistorted data. 

Reach out to us now and we’ll connect you with a people counting expert to help you find out which sensors and solutions you need. We’re here to help you collect the right data and turn it into actionable, meaningful insights. Together, we can maximize your revenue.

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