Reasons Why You Should Visit V-Count’s Booth at EuroShop 2023

February 13, 2023

After a long pandemic hiatus, returning to in-person events is now more important than ever if you’re in the retail business. One such event is EuroShop, where industry leaders and decision-makers can interact, network, and benefit from the collective knowledge of the retail industry and discover new technologies to empower their businesses.

EuroShop is Europe’s largest retail trade fair, and it takes place in Düsseldorf, Germany. Since its launch in 1966, EuroShop has evolved into a leading platform for the retail industry, bringing together retailers, hospitality professionals, and service providers worldwide. The exhibition features the latest technologies, products, services, and trends related to the fields of store design, store equipment, visual merchandising, lighting, shop fitting systems, digital engagement, and more.

As V-Count, we’re always working hard to produce new and powerful technologies, addressing the needs of retailers and other real-world establishments such as schools, hospitals, gyms, museums, and others. 2022 has been very fruitful for us, and we started 2023 quite strong as well.  We further developed our online visitor analytics solution and introduced several new technologies cementing our leadership in the people counting sector, and we’re super eager to show you all the new goodies we’ve come up with in person and in action.

Without further ado, let’s dive into what awaits you at V-Count’s EuroShop 2023 booth (#5C15) and why you should swing by and meet our key team players.

Meet The Expert V-Count Team

Are you ready to take your retail business to the next level by investing in customer intelligence? Then come and meet with our CEO Demirhan Büyüközcü, Europe Sales Manager İris Ceylan Roman, and Regional Sales Manager Reşat Bako at booth #5C15. We believe EuroShop is the perfect platform to learn and embrace the importance of customer analytics, and our experts are more than ready to show you how visitor analytics can boost your operations. 

Experience the power of Ultima Series people counting sensors, discover our visitor analytics platform’s features, and understand how people counting solutions can help evolve your business in every aspect. Learn how to accurately measure store visits, understand the customer journey, optimize store layouts, and use all this data to maximize store performance. Get ready to unleash the power of customer analytics!

Live Demo of Ultima Series People Counting Sensors

Come and see the most accurate (over 99%) and modern people counting sensors in action; test them yourselves. At EuroShop 2023, we’ll showcase our Ultima Series traffic counters and some of the most popular solutions our current customers love. 

Ultima Sensors also offer the highest accuracy in demographic analysis and zone analytics. Understanding what your visitors want and addressing their needs is vital if you want to turn said visitors into customers, preferably loyal shoppers in the long run. Our people counters offer great value and ROI.

We can also share case studies and success stories of how V-Count’s visitor analytics technology has benefited our partners. V-Count’s online analytics platform provides over 200 solutions and KPIs, covering pretty much all the grounds and business types. Pick the solutions you need, and if possible, we’ll allow you to test them then and there. You’ll get to see firsthand how these solutions can help your enterprise meet objectives.

You can also find out how easy it is to install and use our traffic sensors. The same applies to our cloud-powered, in-house developed online platform.

What We Do To Comply with GDPR

V-Count fully complies with the GDPR requirements and other government regulations; it’s completely legal. Our technology is designed to protect personal data and ensure the privacy of individuals. Our people counting systems never save any facial or personal data, even if you use our demographic analysis solution. Your privacy matters.

Any collected facial recognition data gets hard deleted within milliseconds and never saved. On top of that, all data is always encrypted using the latest security standards. Our systems are cloud-powered; hence any changes in the regulations, we can update your hardware remotely (don’t worry, we provide clear notices for each crucial update, nothing happens outside your knowledge) and ensure you’re staying compliant with your government’s regulations.

Your establishment’s data isn’t shared with any other parties either. We may, with your permission, use your location’s data to better our services. At V-Count, we use the latest technologies to ensure the security of personal data, and even if a breach were to happen, personal data is deleted actively, so there’d be no data for them to find, nor would your enterprise get in trouble.

What Makes V-Count Eco-Friendly

As a technology company, we do all we can to ensure we reduce our carbon footprint as much as possible. In fact, even our product delivery process represents our eco-friendly approach. Sensors are shipped in recyclable, eco-friendly boxes.

As for our digital solutions, we use the cloud, a far better alternative than traditional, on-premises solutions. Plus, Ultima Sensors are designed to be low-maintenance, low-power-consuming, and reprogrammable. These qualities allow them to be used over a longer period of time compared to most other alternatives available on the market. 

Additionally, our technologies and solutions provide the visitor data you need to reduce waste and use of resources, allowing you to lower the energy usage at your establishments, increase efficiency, and become more sustainable. You can make more informed decisions to optimize your operations and reallocate resources with the accurate visitor data our sensors provide.

Newest Technologies in Action: Heatmaps and Zone Analytics

We believe in perfection, which is why we always aim for the sky, offering the highest people counting accuracy, even under the toughest conditions, even when there’s no light. We always keep our ears open to our partners’ feedback. This is why we’ve been hard at work developing a zone analytics solution and heatmaps KPI. 

Visit our EuroShopp Booth (#5C15) and see how zone analytics and heatmaps can help physical shops perform better in action. Understanding how customers move through a store and interact with merchandise and services via visual insights can change the way you design your marketing campaigns and promotions for the better.

Zone analytics show which areas of a shop or a location get the most foot traffic, allowing decision-makers to optimize store layout for ease of shopping. You can use heatmaps to determine which items or services customers are most interested in, allocate promotional resources, and determine what resources should be allocated to staffing.

Owners and managers can also use zone analytics and heatmaps to identify dead zones or areas where customers spend little time. You can then leverage your findings to optimize the use of space to improve customer satisfaction.

Does Your Business Need Visitor Analytics?

Visitor analytics is a must-have for any brick-and-mortar business that wants to succeed in today’s highly competitive retail market. People counting technologies give decision-makers valuable insights into their customers, helping them understand and predict customer behavior while providing helpful information to inform decisions about promotion, staffing, store design, and more. 

Accurate, modern, and reliable people counting technologies, accompanied by state-of-the-art visitor analytics, can help evolve any business. In a nutshell, people counting sensors basically turn customer sentiment and behavior into data, and online visitor analytics transforms this data into easy-to-grasp graphs, charts, and insights. A highly accurate people counting sensor (or sensors, depending on the location and needs) will allow you to uncover key purchase trends, maximize conversion ratios and optimize staffing schedules while saving you money and resources.

Traffic counters and visitor analytics aren’t yet essential, but they give your enterprise a massive competitive edge, and they’re well on their way to becoming essential very soon, just like POS systems or Google Analytics for a website.


In a nutshell, the financial and operational benefits of using people counting and visitor analytics technologies are hard to ignore, making them virtually essential for any brick-and-mortar business that operates today. If you want to boost your business, grab your snack and drink and visit us at booth #5C15.