Line Busting Strategies to Grow Your Business and Improve Customer Satisfaction

March 22, 2023

Time is a precious commodity in today’s fast-paced world of modern business, and every extra minute spent waiting in line can be costly, both for the customer and the business owner. According to The Market Research, most shoppers abandon physical queues in less than five minutes. On top of that, they’re less likely to return to the same store if waiting in long lines becomes repetitive. This leads to frustrated customers, which means lost business sales. 

Considering the highly competitive retail business landscape, losing a visitor willing to become a customer isn’t acceptable. There are too many alternatives on the market, especially with all the digital stores available at all times. Line busting eliminates this specific problem for real-world business owners (and managers); plus, it’s a powerful tool that can help you streamline your business operations while improving the customer experience. 

While it sounds like an easy solution for an obvious problem, employing line-busting strategies blindly or based on intuition alone can lead to poor results; hence, you should use relevant technologies and solutions to tackle this problem. Plus, the right solution can get you valuable and actionable insights and allow you to grow your enterprise. Tracking your customers’ interactions can help you understand their behavior and preferences and even allow you to launch targeted campaigns to maximize your sales.

In this article, we’ll shortly explain what line-busting means and in which ways line-busting can eliminate long queues, boost your sales, and make your customers happier. We’ll also explain how people counting technologies go hand-in-hand with line-busting tactics and how they’ll save you time, energy, and other resources.

What Exactly is Line Busting?

In retail, line busting refers to strategies that aim to reduce the time customers wait in lines and ensure conversion happens. Essentially, it’s a more straightforward term for queue management; both terms cover pretty much the same grounds. 

With the right strategy and tools, businesses can reduce shopper wait times, increase efficiency, and even provide a more personalized experience for their customers. Of course, finding the problem and understanding what causes it is one thing, and solving it in the best way possible is another. It’s highly recommended that decision-makers should rely on reliable and accurate visitor data when applying a line-busting strategy. The intuitive approach can cost you more in a worst-case scenario and may not even solve your problem.

Reduce Customer Wait Times

At its core, line-busting aims to eliminate long queues. Shoppers should not have to spend time in seemingly endless lines, and the transaction process should be fast and efficient. Shoppers spending less time in a line may spend more touring the aisles, which can lead to more sales. Reducing customer wait time at checkouts will also free up space, allowing more customers to be served at once. 

How: First things first, build your line-busting strategy on accurate data. The best way to do that is to opt for a people counting system that supports both zone analytics and demographic analysis. This technology will allow you to discover your peak hours and increase or decrease your staffing levels based on customer inquiries and transactions. 

You can also reduce the time customers spend in line by implementing a queue management system or by deploying self-checkout options. This will help you reallocate staff and resources and reduce the workload on your employees. A queue management system can also help you discover how efficiently your staff members handle each inquiry and if they need further training to improve services. 

If you’re running a grocery store or a supermarket, you may need to increase the number of express lanes at specific hours. 

Improve Customer Flow 

A line-busting strategy tailored specifically for your enterprise can also help improve customer flow and allow you to get more visitors per day without causing any clutter. Your visitors can move more quickly through the store if they don’t have to wait for long at checkouts. This will make your customers’ shopping experience more enjoyable. Improved customer flow can also indirectly help build customer loyalty.

How: Managing customer flow is a tricky business, and you’d need a reliable zone analytics system in order to measure the effectiveness of this strategy. With zone analytics, you can discover customer journeys throughout your store and get ahead of clutters before they even start forming. 

Improved customer flow also gives you the opportunity to launch targeted marketing and promotional campaigns across your establishment. You can use digital signage, posters, and boards to promote products or sales. 

Boost Employee Productivity

As a result of line-busting strategies, your employees can also become more productive by having a faster and more efficient way to process transactions. A proper strategy that addresses long lines can help reduce the amount of time employees spend standing idle and increase their overall productivity. You can also schedule staffing levels accordingly, and if you combine this strategy with other solutions, you’ll have a more accurate way to measure employee performance and impact. Boosting productivity will allow you to get ahead of potential lost sales and improve your conversion rate.

How: Line-busting will help you reduce wait time for customers, meaning your employees will be able to handle more transactions than before. You can also reallocate staff where necessary and assist customers directly for a more personalized shopping experience. 

On top of that, knowing they’re being managed correctly and efficiently can lead to a more motivated team with higher morale. Efficiency means accomplishing more, not overworking team members.


Reduced wait times at registers, improved customer flow throughout the store, more efficient employees, and smooth running operations all lead to well-satisfied customers and increased loyalty. Delivering it all means happy customers, and these customers are more likely to return to the store, recommend it to others, and spend more money the next time they come around.

If you’re interested in delivering a more positive experience, line-busting strategies can significantly impact customer experience and satisfaction. Just make sure to use the right tools and technology when developing strategies that will suit your business best. 

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