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How Technology Is Leading Retail Transformation

V-Count deploys retail analytics software and traffic counters to help business owners comply with social distancing and mask-wearing guidelines. Practices of maintaining social distancing and wearing masks play a crucial role in limiting the virus’s spread and ensuring safety. But…

How Customer Counting Solutions Help Retailers Adapt Post-Pandemic

Retail has always been a creative business that rises to the challenges of the various circumstances and ultimately adapts to the changing needs and demands of consumers. COVID-19 has shed light on the need for rapid testing of new ways…

Customer Counting: How To Analyze Retail Store Traffic

Retail stores receive millions of visitors every year. The primary objective of a store is to attract visitors and make sales. However, this constant stream of traffic can be leveraged to create an alternate source of value for retailers. You…

How Customer Counting Systems Help Retailers

August 27, 2019

As more retail stores are turning to tech-based tools to improve their operations, it is important to ask some questions. How does it all come together? How do digital door counters go from measuring traffic to impacting sales? Customer counting…


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