Introducing Nano: The Future of People Counting

January 17, 2024

In today’s fast-changing retail and business world, it’s really important to stay flexible and open to new ideas. With technology always improving, any new tool or idea that can make your business work better is important. This can be anything from new software that does tasks for you, new marketing ideas that get customers more involved, or new ways of doing business that change the usual methods. The secret to doing well in today’s business world is seeing these chances for innovation and making them part of how you do business.

This is why we are thrilled to unveil our latest groundbreaking innovation – Nano. This newest product is more than just a people counting sensor. It represents a significant leap in precision, efficiency, and durability. Nano sets a new benchmark in the field, embodying advanced technology to provide businesses with an accurate, efficient, and cost-effective people counting tool. Its introduction opens a new era, providing unparalleled insights with our visitor analytics tool, BoostBI and its mobile app. This allows businesses to make data-driven decisions and increase their revenues by 15% to 30% within 60 days.

So, let’s get started and see how Nano’s advanced technology and creative solutions can make your business work better, leading to more efficiency and productivity.


One of the important points that businesses pay attention to when buying a people counter is how durable the product is. Products that are not sturdy and durable enough, constantly breaking down or giving errors, create additional costs, fail to correctly count the people entering and exiting businesses, and cause irreversible major damage to businesses. At this point, Nano stands out with its robust structure. Nano is not only small and efficient but also robust, designed to last for decades. Engineered to withstand temperatures between 0°-45°C, Nano is expected to function optimally for over a decade. It is water-leakage proof and features a splash-proof casing for protection against ceiling leakages.

Plug and Play Simplicity

Even in our personal lives, when we buy a new product, the lengthy setup documents that come out of it and explain the installation can overwhelm and annoy people. In fact, many people try to set up the product without looking at these setup documents, maybe watching installation videos on the internet, but this makes the process quite complicated and may even prevent the product from working smoothly.

In order to prevent these issues, Nano has been designed with ease-of-use in mind, aiming to make the installation process as straightforward as possible. Its plug-and-play design means that there’s no need for tedious setup procedures or dealing with any technical difficulties. It eliminates the need for any specialized knowledge or skills. From the moment you unbox it, all you need to do is plug it in. Once it’s powered on, you can immediately start leveraging its high-precision people counting capabilities. This makes Nano an ideal choice for businesses of all sizes, as it allows them to focus more on using the data and less on the process of gathering it.

Precision Redefined

Nano is a top-notch technology known for its remarkable precision. This precision is at the heart of our work, showing our strong focus on accurate data collection and analysis. Thanks to this commitment, Nano always gives reliable and trustworthy data, helping businesses make smart, well-informed decisions using real-time information.

What makes Nano stand out from the crowd is its exceptional accuracy. On average, our solution is 95% accurate. This high accuracy rate shows the precision and reliability of Nano. Even more, this accuracy rate can potentially go up to 99%. This top accuracy depends on things like the height of the ceiling and how the sensor is installed. It shows how adaptable and flexible our Nano technology is.

Mobile App and BoostBI Reporting Included

Without a visitor analytic tool, any people counting sensor will not contribute to businesses. Fortunately, we have a dashboard and mobile app that you can use with Nano.

Our mobile application provides Nano business owners with comprehensive, easy-to-access reports about their operations. These in-depth reports, which are readily available at their fingertips, provide a wealth of valuable information, from sales data to customer trends and beyond.This critical data can empower them to make well-informed, strategic decisions that can increase their conversion rates by 15% in just 60 days!

In fact, DeFacto, one of the largest clothing stores and our customer, increased their revenues by 27% with V-Count solutions. The BI Manager of DeFacto Turkey states, “DeFacto increased conversion rate and revenues by 27% with V-Count solutions. We are extremely pleased with their reports and analysis.

With our user-friendly mobile application and BoostBI dashboard, our customers can always stay abreast of the latest developments in their business, no matter where they are. This constant stream of up-to-date information ensures that they are always ready to adapt to changing market conditions, giving them the competitive edge they need in today’s fast-paced business environment.

GDPR Compliance: Privacy Matters

The importance of data protection has come to the fore in the last few years. When we surf the internet, pick up our phone, or even go somewhere, we leave data about ourselves. But how securely is this data stored, and who can access it? This question arises most often in the people counting industry. Businesses can have doubts about the reliability of this data.

Here at V-Count, we consider the security and privacy of your data as our utmost priority. We understand how vital it is to safeguard your information. That’s why we adhere to GDPR rules 100%.

These rules are there to ensure that your customer’s data is handled with care and confidentiality. With Nano by your side, you can sit back and relax, knowing that we’re tirelessly striving to strike the right balance between useful analytics and customer privacy.

Auto Calibration for Seamless Operation

Nano has been designed to eliminate the complexities and uncertainties typically associated with calibration. With its sophisticated auto-calibration technology, Nano guarantees that the results you obtain are always accurate and reliable. It does this by adapting to the ever-changing conditions of any physical space. Whether it’s changes in temperature, humidity, or air pressure, Nano is capable of adjusting its calibration to match these variations.

WiFi Connectivity: Stay Connected

In a rapidly evolving world where connectivity is the key driving force, Nano is a product that doesn’t lag behind. It is designed with a modern approach to accommodate the needs of our increasingly interconnected society. The distinguishing feature of Nano is its WiFi connectivity up to 30 meters.

This feature allows you to access your people counting data at any given time, from any location. Whether you’re at the office, at home, or on the go, as long as you have an internet connection, your data is accessible. This feature of Nano offers both convenience and efficiency, making it an essential tool in our increasingly digital world.

Night Vision: Counting Never Sleeps

Powered by 3D stereo vision technology, Nano excels even when the lights go down. Its night vision capabilities ensure accurate counting around the clock, offering a comprehensive understanding of visitor patterns even in low-light conditions.

What Are the Benefits Provided by Nano?

Nano is more than just a basic people-counting sensor. It’s a comprehensive solution designed to meet your business’s unique needs and requirements. With Nano, you can get accurate counts of everyone entering and leaving your business. This data-driven insight allows you to optimize your business, products, and store. As a result, you can increase your return on investment, reduce costs, and grow your business.

People Counting:

Understanding their customers and optimizing their business, products, and marketing campaigns based on the daily visitor count is as important as increasing revenues for businesses. Many businesses are aware of this importance and take data-based decisions to move their business one step further, but for some businesses, these solutions seem like extra money spent. However, the situation is just the opposite. A small investment you make will help increase your revenues in the long term and reduce your costs. For instance, the globally recognized fashion brand, Hugo Boss, successfully amplified its conversion rate. Within a short span of just two weeks, they witnessed a commendable increase. The conversion rate escalated by a full one percent, simply by using our solutions. So how will this happen?

Firstly, with the People counting solution, you will fully know the number of customers entering and exiting your business. You can instantly access this information through our BoostBI dashboard and our mobile app. Special graphs allow you to analyze the relationship between weather and foot traffic. Moreover, you can compare data between stores instantly. So, how will this data be useful for you?

With this data, you can determine the peak hours of your business and arrange the shifts of your employees according to these hours. While increasing employee satisfaction, you will also increase your customer satisfaction. Because with the extra staff you will employ during busy times, you will ensure customer satisfaction, prevent queues at the cash registers, and thus increase your revenues by reducing the number of products abandoned at the cash register.

In addition, with an analytical tool like BoostBI, you will be able to increase your campaign effectiveness and ultimately your revenue by conducting marketing campaigns in your best performing stores, using comparisons between your various stores.

Staff Exclusion:

When discussing people counting solutions, a common question that often arises is whether the system also counts existing employees. This factor can significantly distort the data obtained, resulting in an inaccurate representation of the actual scenario. Consequently, any decisions made based on this flawed data can lead to adverse effects, negatively impacting the business’s overall efficiency and productivity. Therefore, it is critical to ensure the accuracy of the data collected by people counting systems, taking necessary precautions to exclude the count of existing employees, to make informed and effective business decisions.

Luckliy, by utilizing the Nano system for people counting in your store, you have the capability to exclude staff from your data. This feature ensures that you receive the most accurate traffic data, allowing you to focus solely on customer numbers. Through the use of badges placed on the shoulders of employees or necklaces worn, Nano can accurately differentiate employees from customers with a 99% accuracy rate. The Nano Staff Exclusion Solution is optional and when implemented, it provides an exact count of customers present in your store at any given time.

This level of precision in data collection not only provides the most accurate conversion data but also allows for an accurate measure of the customer to staff ratio. This kind of data can be crucial when it comes to making informed decisions about staffing levels and schedules.

Furthermore, Nano’s optional Staff Exclusion Solution comes along with a range of advanced features. This suite of tools provides a comprehensive solution for businesses of all sizes, regardless of the industry. It is especially beneficial for those seeking accurate insights with which to optimize their operations and strategies.

Group Counting:

In the real world shopping scenario, it’s not common for customers to enter the store one by one, with considerable time gaps between each entry. Instead, what we usually observe is that customers tend to visit stores in groups. These groups often comprise of family members or friends. Shopping, for many people, is a social activity and they often prefer to browse through the products together. This group browsing not only enhances their shopping experience but also influences their purchasing decisions. So, it’s quite typical to see shoppers moving around the store, discussing and comparing the products before making a purchase.

So why is this important for your business? Counting groups as separate individuals can distort your conversion rates and KPIs. But Nano can identify groups moving together and count them as one customer.

Nano, by intelligently monitoring the collective behavior and movements of groups, guarantees that your analytics offer a more comprehensive and accurate picture of customer engagement. It doesn’t just record raw data; instead, it analyzes patterns and trends, providing you with deep insights into your customers’ behavior.

This in-depth understanding of the customer journey allows businesses to craft personalized experiences, enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty. Furthermore, this approach empowers businesses to tailor their marketing strategies more effectively. By understanding the unique characteristics and preferences of their visitors, businesses can create targeted marketing campaigns that resonate more with their audience, thereby increasing the likelihood of conversion and fostering lasting customer relationships.

Queue Management:

One of the most significant challenges that businesses, particularly those operating in the high-pressure retail sector, encounter is the decline in customer satisfaction. This problem is largely due to the experience of long queues which often lead to customers abandoning their intended purchases before they even reach the cash register. This phenomenon not only affects the business’s bottom line but also damages their reputation and customer relationships.

Despite various attempts by these businesses to mitigate this issue, the most innovative and effective solution that has emerged is the use of a robust people counter that provides a sophisticated Queue Management solution, such as that offered by Nano. This solution takes a data-driven approach to an age-old problem, providing real-time insights into customer behavior.

By leveraging a Queue Management solution, businesses can monitor sudden pile-ups at the cash registers in real-time through the use of sophisticated software like BoostBI. This enables them to react quickly to changing conditions on the shop floor. They can take immediate actions such as opening extra registers or assigning additional personnel to manage the flow of customers effectively and prevent congestion.

This proactive approach not only helps to prevent the common problem of basket abandonment at the registers but also can result in a notable increase in the company’s revenue. Moreover, by improving the overall shopping experience, businesses can significantly improve customer satisfaction, fostering loyalty and encouraging repeat business. In this way, a Queue Management solution can provide a tangible return on investment for businesses looking to optimize their operations.

Real-Time Occupancy:

V-Count’s mobile BoostBI app (IOS / Android) and Nano provides you with the power to monitor the capacity and occupancy of your business venue in real-time. This innovative solution allows you to keep an exact track of the current number of individuals present in your space at any given instant, providing you with critical data just a tap away.

The inclusion of our sophisticated nano sensor technology further enhances the capacity of our solution. It delivers precise data about your venue’s occupancy status, facilitating a more informed management of your day-to-day operations. This not only allows for more efficient use of resources, but also aids in lowering your overall energy costs.

With the real-time information provided by our solution, you can make strategic decisions that are based on current conditions rather than historical data. This means you can respond faster to changes in your business environment, giving you a competitive edge.

In essence, with V-Count’s mobile BoostBI app and Nano you have the ability to transform the way you manage your business venue. You have the power to make informed decisions quickly, which can ultimately lead to improved efficiency, reduced costs, and enhanced profitability.

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